XPAY – a reliable financial operator and consultant for your business, which will help establish a payment infrastructure

Use XPAY e-money solutions and
get benefits for your business


Twice lower cost of payments

The cost of accepting payments on a website or in a mobile application using XPAY tools is two times lower than using payment cards


Alternative Sources of Income

Additional transactional income from financial services (replenishment of an electronic wallet, transfers, payments, payment of utilities, etc.)


More income

Additional income from average daily balances on personal wallet balances, if used


One operation – several payment methods

Integration with XPAY allows you to accept payments using two payment instruments – electronic money and payment cards, and at the same time the ability to pay for one transaction with several payment instruments


Increase website visitors

Increasing traffic to your company’s website and mobile application using e-wallet functionality and its rapidly growing audience

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