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Use XPAY retail solution!

XPAY tools help you speed up customer service and make the process as comfortable as possible

The customer scans the bar code of the product with the mobile
app XPAY or application of
your company before
it enters the basket

Client uses the XPAY app,
or uses the built-in XPAY
wallet functionality in the
company’s application
for payment

It remains for the client
to choose a payment option,
which may be an XPAY wallet
or a payment card that is
linked in the application

In the mobile application, to generate a check and a bar code is with a payment confirmation, which the client presents when passing the self-service checkout

Using a bonus or discount card to pay at the checkout

The client adds a bonus or discount card (identifier) of your network to the XPAY
electronic wallet

The cashier reads information
from the bonus or discount
card of the client
using a reader

An API request is received from a cash register device in XPAY for debiting funds by check and choosing a payment method

The customer confirms payment by check from an electronic
wallet or payment card linked
in the application

Payment at the self-service checkout using a pay e-wallet

The customer at the self-service checkout chooses, as a payment method – XPAY

Selects a payment instrument, which may be an XPAY e-wallet, or payment card

Performs payment confirmation using one of the methods
provided by XPAY

Payment is made and are generated supporting

XPAY allows you to make a payment services for more than 2,600 services (including utility payments, replenishment of mobile, etc.)

The client provides the cashier with the XPAY e-wallet number (mobile phone number) and the parameters of the service
he wants to pay

The cashier selects the type of service in the XPAY software or integrated solution and enters its parameters and then specify the commission to the client

The client confirms the
payment using one of the
methods provided by XPAY,
after which the relevant
documents are generated

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